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DebtX introduces DebtXDataSM, a new monthly subscription-based service providing secondary market trading trends. For a complimentary review of the September issue, click here.
From the March issue of DebtXData - Wednesday, April 2, 2014

In February, the Bid-Ask Index compressed another 10 basis points to a level of -3.4%, indicating that (in aggregate) buyers are still falling short of initial seller price expectations... 

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DebtX White Paper

In today’s secondary whole loan marketplace, the majority of loans are sold either via Sealed Bid or English Forward auction format. While both Sealed Bid and English Forward auctions produce superior results under specific circumstances, there is ample evidence to suggest that in the current market environment for non-performing loans, the Sealed Bid auction results in net prices 10 to 20 percent higher than can be achieved using the English Forward format.

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DebtX Market Data
DebtX offers for sale both the actual trade data inputs and the market spread information used in our proprietary pricing models.
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