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Featured Loan Sale Transaction

DebtX is pleased to announce the sale of a $99 million portfolio of mixed performance, mixed collateral loan portfolio. The portfolio consists of a 349 asset loan pool that includes a mix of commercial, residential and unsecured loans. The loans are of mixed performance characteristics and are secured by liens on multifamily, retail, office, industrial, mixed use, residential, and land assets. Approximately $22 million of the loans are performing with annual cash flows of $3 million across the portfolio The collateral properties are located in 24 states with concentrations in Florida, Georgia, California, Illinois and Wisconsin.

Due diligence materials are located on the DebtX platform. For more information, contact Kevin Twomey at 617-531-3425 or

Final bids are due before 2pm ET on August 12th.

You must be registered with DebtX to receive detailed information about the loans and to participate in the sale. To register, please visit our registration page.

DebtX Market Data
DebtX offers for sale both the actual trade data inputs and the market spread information used in our proprietary pricing models.
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