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What is the DXCDA Data Advantage for CECL?

DXCDA is the CECL solution that works right out of the box. You don’t have to have anything other than your current loan tape. DXCDA allows you to customize forecasts, add in your own history to customize the model, and change the way your results are viewed – you can have it broken down by markets, property types, loan types, loan producer, and more to prepare for CECL.  DXCDA gives your bank the data advantage you need to meet CECL compliance.

DXCDA’s Data Advantage offers stronger capabilities than any other CECL options in the market?

DXCDA has access to substantial data to project all expected losses on a monthly basis, whether it’s a residential loan that was just originated yesterday for the next 30 years or a commercial real estate loan that matures in 2 months. DXCDA can create customized charts and graphs to your specifications. We provide the data advantage to facilitate all calculations.

Is DXCDA’s model defensible to regulators and auditors?

DXCDA’s model is already built and validated. It leverages data from DebtX to provide a data advantage for all transactions. DebtX runs trillions of dollars of debt through our models every year. There is no one in the industry that prices and stress tests as much debt as DebtX. DXCDA’s model is not only defensible to auditors and regulators for CECL Compliance, it is also useful for the business banking applications.

How can DXCDA help your bank adjust to the changes CECL will have on forecasting?

DXCDA does all the heavy lifting for you. We provide the data advantage with years of historical data necessary for forecasting. CECL is not just about building the model. Your bank has to build and validate the forecast, which you can’t do without the data that DXCDA can access. If your forecast doesn’t make sense, your bank won’t be CECL compliant in the eyes of regulators and auditors. You don’t want to build your own model and find out down the road that it can’t be validated for CECL.

How can my bank get sample reports of DXCDA’s capabilities?

DXCDA offers a complimentary run of your loan portfolio. Find out what your bank’s post CECL world looks like in just 2 weeks by getting started with DXCDA. Don’t wait until the CECL implementation deadline is looming. Call 617-531-3400 to speak with a DXCDA Representative.

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Trusted in the Industry

DebtX has a long history in loan analytics beyond CECL and works with regulators and auditors on a regular basis. DXCDA has been back-tested and validated, so it is defensible to your regulators and auditors.