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What is DXCDA?


Is DXCDA Defensible to Regulators and Auditors?


When it Comes to CECL, How Does DXCDA’s Process Save a Bank Both Time and Manpower?


How Can a Bank Get Sample Reports of DXCDA’s Capabilities?


How Does DXCDA Address the Forecasting Component of CECL?


Does DXCDA Have Portfolio Management or Other Applications Beyond CECL?


How Did You Choose Your Methodology for DXCDA?


What Do DXCDA Results Look Like and How Are They Delivered?


How Long Does it Take for DXCDA to Deliver Results?


I Don’t Have Any Historical Loss Data for CECL. What do I do?


What Are the Loss History Data Requirements for DXCDA?


How Are DXCDA’s Capabilities Stronger Than Others in the Market?


Why Should Every Bank be Preparing for CECL Right Now?


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DebtX has a long history in loan analytics beyond CECL and works with regulators and auditors on a regular basis. DXCDA has been back-tested and validated, so it is defensible to your regulators and auditors.