DXSyndicate – front office platform for the syndicated loan market

In 2005, DebtX launched DXSyndicate® for the syndicated loan market, providing the first Internet front office platform that integrated secure document distribution, book running, and customer relationship management in a single application. Our latest version, which utilizes the most advanced smart technologies, was custom designed for today’s syndication market in collaboration with our DXSyndicate client base.DXSyndicate Screenshot

DXSyndicate is a secure cloud-based, integrated deal management platform enabling syndication and agency professionals to leverage institutional knowledge, enhance collaboration, and better structure, distribute and service syndicated loans.

Like all of DebtX’s technology solutions, DXSyndicate is 100% Web-based, delivered on a SaaS basis, integrates secure document sharing with customer relationship management, offers drag-and-drop document management, tight email, contact and calendar integration, and robust reporting capabilities in a single application.

DXSyndicate – functionality tailored to the syndicated loan market

  • Detailed fee and commitment tracking
  • Enhanced covenant and compliance tracking
  • Amendment voting & tracking
  • Misys’ Loan IQ Integration
  • Pipeline management and reporting
  • Real time book running and deal surveillance (sole or joint book)