September 11, 2019

$10.2 Million Commercial Real Estate Loan Portfolio

DebtX is pleased to announce the sale of a $10.2 million mixed performance commercial loan portfolio.  The portfolio consists of 10 borrowing relationships split into two offerings; a mixed performance pool and a standalone relationship.  The pool consists of 9 sub and non-performing relationships totaling $6.85 million.  The collateral consists of self-service car washes, a mixed-use warehouse and business assets located in the Southeast.  The standalone offering consists of two performing notes and one non-performing note totaling $3.33 million.  The collateral for this relationship is located in Florida and consists of a 25,000 sf office property in Sanford, a two-story 1,544 sf luxury condominium in Miami and the guarantors’ primary residence in Sanford.

Final bids are due before 2pm ET on September 19th.

For more information please contact Kevin Twomey at or +1(617)531-3425.

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