April 17, 2018

$100 Million Real Estate Portfolio in Ukraine

DebtX is pleased to announce the sale of a large Ukrainian commercial real estate portfolio with a total value of approximately $100 million in 35 real estate owned (REO) assets.  The portfolio includes two office buildings in central Kiev and a large regional shopping center.  The class-A, Kiev office buildings total 19,000 square meters.  The shopping center, which is operational, is 65,000 square meters and includes a partially constructed expansion.  The balance of the portfolio consists of residential, land, office and industrial properties located primarily in Kiev and Dnipro.

Indicative bids are due May 10 and final bids are due May 31.  For more information, please contact Mike Capozzi at +1 617-531-3454 or mcapozzi@debtx.com.

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