December 10, 2019

$125 Million C&I and ALF Portfolio

DebtX is pleased to announce the sale of 4 relationships totaling $125 million. The relationships are as follows:

Relationship 1: $66.8 million non-performing assisted living relationship secured by 6 facilities (652 beds) located throughout South Carolina.

Relationship 2: $9.3 million performing (through maturity) loan relationship secured by a 150,000 SF warehouse, machinery, equipment, inventory, and accounts receivable.

Relationship 3: $11 million performing loan relationship secured by several deep-sea vessels and equipment in the southeast. The borrower is uniquely connected within various industries and has actively pursued revenue streams outside of the oil and gas industry.

Relationship 4: $38.6 million relationship secured by first liens on inventory, M&E, and accounts receivable for a large international manufacturer. This relationship is part of a Shared National Credit with a global commitment of $170 million.

For relationships 1-3, final bids are due before December 16th at 2 pm ET. For Relationship 4, offers are due before December 19th at 2 PM ET. For more information please contact Mike Roth at or (617) 531-3424.

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