August 15, 2018

$11.8 million performing commercial real estate loan portfolio

DebtX is pleased to announce the sale of an $11.8 million performing commercial real estate loan portfolio.  The portfolio, which consists of 3 standalone relationships and 1 pool, carries a weighted average coupon of 6.01% and weighted average maturity of 12/15/2028.   On average, the loans have roughly 7 years seasoning, and the trailing 12-month cash flow totals approximately $1 million.   Collateral types include multifamily, industrial, hotel, office, retail, assisted living, church, restaurant and land in 11 states.

Final bids are due before 2pm ET on August 28th.

For more information please contact Kevin Twomey at or (617) 531-3425 or Mike Roth at or (617)531-3424.

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