November 15, 2018

$66.2 Million Residential Loan Sale

DebtX is pleased to announce the sale of 193 residential loans totaling approximately $66.2 million with approximately 73% of the loans located in Florida and California. The portfolio has a current WAC of 4.76%, WAM of 7/15/42, WLTV of 79% and WFICO of 676. The portfolio will be offered in the following four pools:

  • DebtX_8787 is a $21.5 million pool comprised of 58 non-performing loans. This pool has a WLTV of 78%, WFICO of 632, and a trailing 12-month cash flow of $931,000.
  • DebtX_8788 is a $17.5 million pool comprised of 71 performing loans. This pool has a WAC of 4.57%, WLTV of 61%, WFICO of 673, and a trailing 12-month cash flow of approximately $1.5 million.
  • DebtX_8789 is a $6.2 million, recently non-performing loan, located in Southern California. The loan is secured by a 9 bed, 14 bath, 15,000 SF home and carries a WAC of 4.9% with a 3/2047 maturity.
  • DebtX_8790 is a $20.9 million reverse mortgage pool comprised of 63 loans exclusively in California and Florida. This pool has a WAC of 5.15%, WLTV of 97%, WFICO of 723, and average borrower age of approximately 85 years.

Final bids are due before 2pm ET on December 4th.

For more information, please contact Mike Roth at 617-531-3424 or

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